About Us


Cantinas Foundation

Cantinas was founded in 2004 from the vision and direction of Wendy Miller. Inspired by the movement in the artist community and the number of people coming to know the Lord through Christian Camps, Wendy was committed to finding a way to combine these passions. God place a desire and a fire in her heart to start a foundation and purchase 650 acres on Lake Nacimiento. The property hosts a variety of wildlife and has a creek on it called Cantinas Creek. 

Nacimiento translates to birth or source and Wendy knew this would be the birth and source of something incredible. The whispers of the Holy Spirit nudged her to turn to the scriptures for inspiration. Living Water! Over and over again the scriptures reference the Living Water that is available to everyone through Jesus Christ. 

Staying in line with the water source on the property, the name Cantinas was birthed.


Cantinas on park

Cantinas On Park , an extension of the  Cantinas Foundation was founded to further their mission on the Central Coast. The Cantinas Foundation is a Christian non-profit foundation that exists to transform our modern day culture through opportunities where God can be magnified through the Arts. The Cantinas Foundation was created to be an outreach arts ministry with the purpose of developing Christian leaders through dynamic performances, inspirational concerts, exciting workshops and retreats, artist development and community service opportunities.